mercredi 28 mai 2014

Break ...Holiday, family & friends ♥

In this May, I finally could see my family and my friends whom I haven't seen for 9 years (for the majority) in Réunion's Island ( French island located in Indian ocean )

 Lovely moment & Happy Time
I rediscovered my island ... high temperature ( even if it's the beginning of "winter"), various landscapes, food, mosquitos ( but it was not the worst, I hate the insects ~__~ ) ...
 and I spent much time with my ♥ family and friends ♥ 
( blablabla and too much food :D )


A little drawing in remembering the years to be drawn with my BFFs.
 Best memories of my childhood and adolescence: The afternoon to be drawn in the park, the fanzine Virgin Island, the tons sketchbook with drawings and challenge, the Art class to high school ,etc etc...
Nothing change, you are the Best ! Thank you for all ♥

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